An Experienced Salt Lake City Lawyer Can Help You From Getting Injured Again — This Time by the Big Insurance Companies

The most experienced Salt Lake City, Utah car accident lawyers know that dealing with insurance companies can be treacherous. There are many traps just waiting to catch the uninitiated – including those accident victims who decide to go it alone. Those that drive in the Salt Lake City metro area know that accidents out there are just waiting to happen. Statistically, Salt Lake City has more accidents than any other city in Utah. Being the largest city in Utah certainly contributes to this obvious statistic! On any given day, there are auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, scooter accidents, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, drunk driving accidents and text messaging accidents that injure people and send them to the hospital, and sometimes to the morgue.

Getting What is Fair Can Be Difficult and Trying for the Uninitiated

Sadly, when someone is involved in a Salt Lake City car accident, either as a driver, motorist, or pedestrian, obtaining just compensation can be extremely trying. Sometimes the claim needs to be brought against a Utah governmental agency, such as UTA. Agencies such as this are not accustomed to giving injured victims the time of day, let alone justice. Getting fair compensation from these agencies and the big insurance companies takes real experience and dogged persistence. A knowledgeable Salt Lake City accident lawyer will tell you that big insurance, companies and governmental agencies just won’t pay over the compensation you may be deserving if they happened to have been negligent. So, unless there is a Utah advocate holding them accountable, they are likely to deny or severely minimize your valid injury claim.

The Secret Way Insurance Companies Make Their Millions

Let’s face it, the insurance industry is a highly-competitive industry. Every day, we hear and see countless commercials in Utah from car insurance companies that want us to switch over to them for our car insurance needs. Despite their insistence that we all become their customers and pay them premiums however, the insurance companies make most of their profit when they deny or minimize otherwise valid claims. What skilled Salt Lake City accident attorneys know is that as long as the insurance companies bring in more in premium dollars than they pay out, they are profitable. However, if the insurance companies can avoid paying out on valid claims, or only pays pennies on the dollar, the amount they avoid paying out is pure profit to them. So, for example, if they paid out $10,000 less than they should of on your claim, that is an extra $10,000 of pure profit to that insurance company. That’s where the BIG money is for them. This is the area that they really focus their business attention on.

Fight Fire With Fire: Get a Good Lawyer!

Insurance companies hire the best lawyers to defend them so they can limit their payouts to the bare minimum. This is why you need to fight fire with fire by consulting with the best Salt Lake City accident and injury lawyer you can find. Such a lawyer will not bow to the manipulative games that these insurance companies play. They have trial experience and take cases to trial when necessary. They stand firm in the face of their claims that your case is worth less because you have “degenerative disc disease,” that you were in a car accident 10 years ago, that your accident was too minor to have caused you injury, etc. Since almost all accident and injury lawyers will offer a free consultation, make sure you consult with one who can explain what your rights are and what you can expect on your claim. Remember that it cost NOTHING to meet with an experienced lawyer. If you were seriously injured, you will be miles ahead if you do.

Learn All You Can To Get the Best Possible Outcome on Your Case

Finally, you should take the time to educate yourself as to what you are in for when you have been involved in a Salt Lake City accident and what mistakes you must avoid to get full and fair compensation for your case. Ron Kramer wrote the Utah Accident Book to give Utah consumers this very direction. This book is free to those who have been injured in a Utah accident. You can get one by calling our office at 801-601-1229.

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