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Do you feel as if you are being put in an uncomfortable situation every day at work as a result of a supervisor or co-worker’s unwanted sexual advances or comments? Sexual harassment can turn any workplace into a hostile environment and make you feel isolated and ashamed. You should not have to endure a hostile workplace or harassment of any kind. Sexual harassment is a form of employment discrimination and violates federal law and the laws of the state of Utah. It is a serious issue. You should not have to endure a workplace where sexual harassment is tolerated or where employees are subject to unwelcome verbal or physical contact.

Attorney Ron Kramer has been standing up for people in Utah who have been the target of harassment and discrimination since he started practicing law two decades ago. We understand that bad things do sometimes happen to good, hardworking people through no fault of their own. But you do have recourse. At the Kramer Law Group, we are dedicated to helping people in Utah who have been the victims of on-the-job sexual harassment and discrimination. You are not alone. We are here to protect your rights.

Our compassionate lawyers have experience standing up for the rights of sexual assault and harassment victims in West Jordan, Salt Lake City and throughout Utah. We care about you and the ordeal that you have been going through and want to help you regain control of your life. We will answer your questions and listen to your description of the details of your situation. We then will provide you with guidance about your legal options. Exceptional client service, ethical representation and responsive communication are the hallmarks of our firm.

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What Should I Do If I’m Sexually Harassed?

Many victims of sexual harassment are reluctant to report the conduct. As a victim of sexual harassment, you may believe that stepping forward to complain of unwanted sexual advances, whether verbal or physical, will jeopardize your job or be used to deny a promotion that you are seeking. You want to be a team player so you continue to silently endure the unwanted advances or pressure. You may be wondering what you can do to stop being a target of sexual harassment.

  1. You should state clearly and firmly in no uncertain terms to the person who is harassing you that his or her behavior is unwelcome and offensive and should stop immediately. You should keep a record in a daily calendar or journal of what you said to the harasser regarding the unwelcome behavior and the date and time. It is important to document that you made clear the advances or overtures were unwelcome.
  2. You should report the sexual harassment to your supervisor or the person in your human resources office who is designated to receive complaints of discrimination and harassment. Reporting the conduct through the proper channels creates an official record of the problem, which will be useful evidence if the case requires legal action. It shows that you are taking steps to address the problem.
  3. Contact an experienced Utah lawyer who handles workplace harassment cases. Discussing your experience with a knowledgeable and caring attorney is the best way to understand whether your situation represents sexual harassment. Get a free consultation to discuss your legal rights and options. Then you can make a well-informed decision about how to proceed. You should not have to pay for the initial consultation.

The people we represent typically would prefer not to pursue a lawsuit. They just want to be treated with dignity and respect and get their life back on track. You should not have to live with feelings of shame, guilt and anger because of another person’s unwanted advances. Coming forward to have a confidential discussion with a caring attorney is an important step to deal with harassment. By doing so, you may spare other co-workers from having to endure similar harassment.

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What Qualifies as Sexual Harassment?

Employers in Utah have a legal responsibility to provide a safe workplace. Employers should provide training regarding sexual harassment and communicate to employees that unwelcome sexual conduct will not be tolerated. Employers are required to investigate complaints of harassment and take appropriate action.

The Utah Labor Commission defines sexual harassment as any unwelcome sexual advances, groping or touching, requests for sexual favors that imply implicitly or explicitly submission to the overtures as a condition of employment or promotion.

Most sexual harassment complaints are filed by women who have been the targets of harassment by men, according to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. But the victim of sexual harassment may be a man or a woman. The person doing the harassing may be the same sex as the victim or the opposite sex.

The harasser may be a supervisor, a supervisor in another department or section, a co-worker, a client of the employer or a non-employee.

Sexual harassment can interfere with your ability to focus on your job duties and create an intimidating work environment.

Harassment based on a person’s gender violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The act also prohibits employers from firing or taking retaliatory actions against employees who report discrimination or make sexual harassment complaints.

If you have been a victim of workplace sexual harassment in Utah, you may have a legal right to pursue legal action in a civil court. Your employer may be legally liable if the employer’s failure to act allowed workplace conditions in which a harasser made unwelcome sexual advances.

How Can a Sexual Harassment Lawyer Help?

At Kramer Law Group, a Utah sexual harassment lawyer will investigate your complaint carefully, gather evidence to prove the harassment, document the steps that you took to end the harassment and the steps an employer took or should have taken to stop the problem.

We will prepare a claim and attempt to reach a fair settlement through negotiation or arbitration, as necessary. Our knowledgeable workplace harassment attorneys will guide you in seeking reinstatement to your job if desired, promotion to the job you were unfairly denied, punitive damages for the mental anguish you have endured as a result of the harassment you have experienced and payment of all your legal fees. After consulting with you, we will be prepared to pursue litigation in court if a reasonable settlement cannot be reached.

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